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Here is my EMA Purchase Worksheet

The numbers are so important... but sometimes getting them is difficult to say the least.  When clients don't have the numbers, they cannot be confident home shoppers.  

The main culprits here are highly inaccurate online loan calculators and the lack of speed in which a client can get updated numbers from their loan officer.  Try getting numbers from your credit union on a Sunday night at 9 PM?  Yeah, good luck.

With some simple input, our clients can calculate numbers and play loan officer. They can adjust the Sales Price, loan amount, run different rate/point options and even see exactly how much the seller can pay in closing costs! 

These numbers are ACCURATE!

How to get the EMA Purchase Worksheet?

Just complete the short form on the right and we'll put together a detailed worksheet that you can then play with to your hearts content.  If you take the steps to get pre-approved with us, we'll unlock the Pre-Approval certificate. 

For immediate service, after completing the form you can call 571-249-5363 or email us at  We look forward to serving you!

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