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The concept is simple.  If we lower the cost to both Buyer and Seller on a residential home sale, it speeds up negotiations and gets the deal done.

What is Project My Home?

Project My Home is a seller relocation program that offers credits to lower the cost of a Seller’s home sale. Buyers are offered a considerable credit to offset their closing costs and Sellers receive a large credit on their next home purchase(1).

How it works...

With every offer, there are only two scenarios. An offer that is acceptable to the Seller, and one that is not. Here's how we handle both to save you $!

Example 1 - Offer is exactly what the Seller wants
If offer is acceptable, then take it. The Seller will still get a large credit on the next home purchase.

Example 2 - Offer is not what the Seller wants
If the offer is not exactly what the seller wants, then there are (2) options.

1. Negotiate the offer knowing a rebate is coming on the next home.
2. Ask the Buyer Agent to speak to us about the Project My Home Buyer Incentive. Our team will explain how this lowers the cost to the Buyer and can help the Seller.

  • Buyer gets 2% x loan amount lender credit if financing with a VA loan.
  • Buyer gets 1% if financing with another loan type.
  • Buyer would have to switch lenders.

If Buyer switches, then we help with the credits, everybody wins.
If Buyer doesn’t switch, then you negotiate as normal. No harm, no foul.

Benefit to Buyer if they switch
Buyer receives a lender credit as a percentage of the amount financed(2). This also increases the net proceeds to Seller and helps get the deal done.

2% x Loan Amount lender credit if financing with a VA Loan.
1% x Loan Amount lender credit if using other financing.

What is the benefit to the Seller if the Buyer switches lenders?
Lender c
redit will help mitigate extra expenses incurred by the Seller(3)

  • Credit from Caliber picks up some (or all) of buyer closing costs.
  • Credit could allow for Buyer to pay a price more acceptable to the Seller.
  • Seller still gets the rebate on the next home in addition to the above.

PCS Grades


The Military Community approves!

Since the inception of this program, it's always been our mission and main focus to save our Military & Veteran families money when selling a home. Any move is stressful enough and I'm happy to say our efforts have not gone unnoticed. It's my honor to serve those who serve.


  • (1) Lender Credit to the Seller on the next purchase is the lesser of $7500, 1% of the Sales Price of the home they are selling or 1% of the amount financed on the new home.
  • (2) Lender Credit to the Buyer on the Project My Home purchase is capped at $10,000.
  • (3) Seller could save 3% if the buyer finances with a VA loan and asked for closing costs from the Seller. If buyer switches lenders then Caliber would pay 2% plus give the 1% rebate on the next home = 3%.
  • (4) Credits to Buyers are a percentage of the amount financed and are only available on registered Project My Home listings. Buyer must finance with Caliber Home Loans to receive the lender credit. 

Did you know that 10.4% of all buyers don't go to closing after contract acceptance? Protect your listing and ensure closing with Project My Home! 


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