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On approved listings, Project My Home provides a considerable subsidy in the form of a closing cost credit to the Buyer. This credit lowers the cost to purchase the home for the Buyer and increases the Seller’s net proceeds. The result is an easier negotiation and quicker ratification of the contract. 

Project MY Home® Special Subsidy(1)

VA Financing Offers: Up to 2% of the Loan Amount
Other Financing Offers: 1% of the Loan Amount (2)

The goal of Project My Home is to lower the cost to both Buyer and Seller, speed up contract negotiations, and help make the deal happen. 

Interested Buyers and Sellers

If you are a buyer that is offering on a Project My Home Listing or would like more information about the program and available listings, please complete the form and we will be in touch with you right away.  Your information will remain PRIVATE.

Sellers can visit the Seller Page HERE.

For immediate service after completing the form, you can call 571-249-5363 or email the Project My Home team at: loans@elmendorfteam.com.

(1) Maximum credit to Buyer $10,000. Credits are a percentage of the amount financed.

(2) Other Financing Offers must be programs offered by Caliber. Some restrictions apply.


This is intended solely for informational purposes and is an exclusive offer of Caliber Home Loans Inc. and Rick Elmendorf NMLS ID#485091.  This document is not part of the application process and does not constitute an application. If you decide to proceed with applying for a loan, you will need to complete a loan application and you will be provided with detailed loan disclosures including a Loan Estimate. See below for full disclaimer.

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