Project Red Team was created in 2018 by Rick Elmendorf, one of the top VA Loan Officers in the country.  The mission is to provide huge savings and unparalleled support for our serving military and veteran families when buying and selling a home. Here's just a portion of what we do.

Project Red Team Benefits

1. Our unique EMA Purchase Worksheet providing a customized plan for financing your upcoming purchase.
2. Our experience and great local reputation will help when negotiating.
3. A FREE 1% reduction to your 30 Year Fixed Rate the first year of your loan.
4. We service your loan for life and provide FREE refinancing for life as well.
5. If selling, you are entered into Project My Home, our Seller Relocation Program designed to save you thousands on the sale of your home!

VA Loans

As experts in VA financing, our team can maximize your savings, whether you’re selling, buying a new home or refinancing an existing one.

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Project My Home™

Project My Home™ saves buyers and sellers thousands on select listings. It's a customized, killer financing package to qualified buyers they can’t refuse. No closing costs, subsidized rates… what’s not to love?

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Expert Mortgage Review

Expert Mortgage Review

Do you have the best mortgage for you? Improve the loan you have or align your mortgage with your family’s future. Let us put our expert eyes on your specific situation to ensure your mortgage fits within your short and long-term financial objectives.

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HomeScout is a collaborative search experience that brings together an immersive online portal and team of experts in lending and real estate that gives you the advantage over other home buyers in a competitive market.

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We monitor your mortgage, saving you time and money

Our end-to-end, personal service and VA loan expertise are why our customers keep coming back. Rates dip? We’ll refinance at no cost. Questions? We provide total guidance through the entire process.

"We believe that the mortgage should fit well within the short and long-term financial objectives of the client. An optimal mortgage plan should always be worked towards; however sometimes this involves planner.  Either way, we'll get you there and squared away!"   ~Rick Elmendorf 

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  • Expert mortgage review
  • Mortgage management
  • Super fast and professional
  • First and final stop
  • Financial advice
  • Industry Leaders
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Project My Home

Builders usually offer a nice incentive package to incoming buyers to purchase their home, which they typically take advantage of; however, this is non-existent in the world of a typical Homeowner's sale.  Until now.

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EMA Purchase Worksheet

Gain control of the loan numbers. This easy-to-use spreadsheet lets you play loan officer. Automatically see things such as payments, cash to close, different rate/point options and even how much to ask the seller for in concessions! 

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Meet Rick Elmendorf

Economics enthusiast, chess player, military upbringing, Christian: There’s more to Rick than just doing mortgages.

For more than 25 years, Rick has built his business understanding customer goals to help them make sound financial decisions.
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"We had a fantastic experience with Rick and could not be more impressed or satisfied with the Elmendorf team. Our monthly payments came out to be $100 less than what their estimates were—which we were VERY happy about! They were upfront about the whole loan process and were readily available to answer all our questions."

Jim A., Virginia

“We were able to get a great rate reduction with very little effort, saving us tons of money long-term. We went through the refinancing process in less than a week and now are enjoying a lower monthly payment with a lower interest rate. This was great for us as we plan on staying here long-term. I highly recommend the Elmendorf team for your home purchasing/refinancing needs.”

Keith L., Virginia

“As a first time homebuyer, my wife and I were completely new and slightly uneducated about all of the steps that are involved with the process. The Elmendorf Team was patient with us and educated us all along the way! I loved that they weren’t afraid of my questions, but answered them and helped us learn along the way. Their customer service was impressive! The loan was secured and processed according to the deadlines that were set, and closing was a breeze. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who appreciates honesty, excellent communication, and professionalism.”

Sam S., Florida

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